Drummer Boy Accessories


C. J. Baxter

I started playing drums when I was about 12 years old and took lessons for about a year from a teacher who had a strong jazz background.  After that I would just try and play along to different songs that I liked and eventually started playing in the worship band at the church I grew up.  In college I didn't play much but would step in every once in a while for a Portland Based band called Holding Out, where we would play at some college campuses and quite  a few shows downtown. 

For the past six years I have been involved in the heavy rock band "Sifted", where I was able to incorporate my double kick pedals and write songs from scratch.  We have played locally for the past five years and came in 3rd in Bend's Last Band Standing competition and we recently won the battle of the bands at the Crook County Fair.  We will be in the studio over the next several months trying to get a demo recorded. 
"I love the StickKit! As a hard rock drummer I tend to go through a lot of sticks, and having a tool that organizes all your different sticks and makes them so accessible is essential.  Plus the optional practice pad on the back makes a quick warm up easy.  I don't play a show with out it anymore."

C.J. Baxter

Daryl Henderson

"... I don't gig without it.  It has become one of my top accessories.  It just solves everything for all the kits that I play, I feel confident that I haven't forgotten anything."

Since 1980 Darryl has been fortunate to play and record with a wide variety of bands and music styles: From straight ahead Rock, Pop, & Country - to Metal, Latin & Swing. Quote, "Music is like a buffet...so many good things to enjoy!"  A West Coast boy, Darryl has rocked his way from Northern California to Southern California, Nevada to Oregon... from clubs and casinos, to corporate events, rallies and fund raisers.

Currently, he splits his time as the "stickman" for the band The Reputations, and as Audio/Visual Technical Director & Senior Audio Engineer at New Hope Church in Bend Oregon.

"The StickKit is hands down THE best thought-out stick bag made to date. Made for drummers, by a drummer...awesome in its details...rugged yet light.  Its setup flexibility and compartments make it the best at keeping all my essentials close at hand while playing, but it also keeps me organized when traveling from gig to gig because I always know where my stuff is.  It's like having a drummer's Personal Assistant!

Darryl "Dman" Henderson