Drummer Boy Accessories

StickKitToo attachable drumstick holder

Where do you like your extra sticks?  Having the option to place your essentials almost anywhere was the theme behind the ‘Stick Kit too’ design.  Utilizing a unique feature we call ‘Wrap N’ Lok’ allows you the luxury of putting your back up sticks to your left, to your right, wrapped on stand or even hanging off of a drum lug.  You get to be creative as to the placement of the ‘Stick Kit too’.  Made of the same high quality material as the ‘Stick Kit Stick Bag’ it is also weighted properly to hang at just the right angle.  A zippered pocket is included with an adjustable cord for added  anchoring if desired and the pocket can also be used for storage.  Although its size is ideal to be carried inside of most stick bags we are a little biased and designed it for what we believe to be the best stick bag on the market, the ‘Stick Kit Stick Bag’.



  • Ideal size for approx. 4 sticks
  • Wrap N’ Lok system
  • Extra zippered storage pocket
  • Adjustable anchoring cord
  • Weighted to hang at proper angle
  • Durable construction
  • Easy set up/take down
  • Fits in most stick bags for portability

Accessories shown for demonstration purposes only, and are not included in the purchase of the StickKit  Too.